Heres Three Ways To Make Extra Money Online

Making passive and extra income is no easy venture and requires hard work along with dedication and perseverance. . . for the most part. However, there are many proven ways of making money that you can do from the comfort of your home or online in your spare time that can help you see a boost to your wallet. With enough perseverance you might see this develop into a full blown source of income (you never know right?) as has happened for many people across the globe already.
Nowadays many people are seeking ways to make additional income to supplement the income gained from their day job. Some have been lucky (and dedicated) enough to free themselves. Others have been able to see a nice additional revenue stream added. While the third group has given up and possibly ended up with a few freebies from the offers. Which one will you be?
This post is meant to be an informative guide to people beginning their quest of earning a steady  stream of extra and passive income.
-Important! This post has only began and is subject to substantial expansion over the next couple months. I am currently in the process of writing it and will update it per session. I hope you enjoy and subscribe to my blog to stay up to date if you find any of this information useful!

The Ultimate Guide to Different Ways Of Making Money

1.Survey and Cashback Websites
To start this guide, I will go over a few basic survey sites that pay cash for your time. The ones that I will cover are the more mainstream websites, and they do pay (mind you some have restrictions i.e. you cannot cash out until you have $30 banked). It should be noted that my list is limited and there is a multitude of survey website to choose from that will pay you cash for your time.
DailyRewards is remarkable. You get cash - not points, for completing e-mail, survey, and other offers. For many offers, you only need to sign up at an external site, complete a survey, and be awarded cash for participation. I like this website because it pays good money for your time. This can range from 0.50$ to 1.50$ for a few minutes of your day. For the more adventurous there different ways to earn such as through games and you can be awarded a few bucks for each. Over time this can add up and when you hit $30 if you wish to you can only cash out and receive your money.  If you want, you can opt to receive their e-mail alerts which award $1 to $1.50 for a few moments of your time and right now they are offering a $5 bonus for signing up. Check it out!
This website provides points through participating in surveys, searching, watching videos, etc. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes that you can spend at Amazon and other widely known places. They also have a handy app that you can install into your browser that provides you with points for connecting and more points for using it to search! The general conversion rate is 500 points for a 5$ gift card with options for people that like to live vicariously to spend their points on daily sweepstake lotteries. Swagbucks also offers cash back rewards for shopping through their offers online. Some major brands they are currently offering cash back for are:
  • Sears - 4% cash back ( 4 sb per dollar)
  • Amazon - 2% cash back (2 sb per dollar)
  • Rona - 6% cash back (6 sb per dollar)
  • Etc, Etc, Etc
As we can see SwagBucks provides an excellent way to save money while shopping at a variety of popular outlets. Now, this isn't massive break the bank money however, anybody with weight in their pocket will tell you that an easy way to make more is to spend less. By taking advantage of offers on websites like Swagbucks you can do that for yourself and it can become an easy way to retain and generate incremental income. Join Swagbucks!  
MyPoints and BzzAgent
This website is very similar to Swagbucks and DailyRewards in that it provides users with points for completing a variety of tasks such as sharing your opinion, playing games, searching the web, shopping and so on.Points are redeemable on the basis of around 1500 points for a $10 Amazon gift card. A good thing to do is to check between your Swagbucks and MyPoints account when shopping to see which is currently offering the highest cash back option. Where I find MyPoints is unique from other similar websites is that you can hook it up to your BzzAgent account and earn MyPoints for doing surveys and other tasks. For those who do not know, BzzAgents are essentially product testers and reviewers. If you go to their website, you can become a BzzAgent and begin to build your BzzScore by completing surveys which can make you eligible for free products to test and review!   List To Be Extended
2.Review Music Online For Cash
Did you know there is a website online that will pay you (via PayPal) to review music? The website SlicethePie pays you per review completed. The requirements for each review are based on a short word count and a minimum requirement of 45 seconds listened to each song. Although you won't retire on this fund, it can be a nice way to make money for doing something you already do.
3.Sell Your Services
Okay now that were passed the easy money, time to get to business. Do you have a unique talent? Something that you are exceptionally good at? Sell your services on websites like Fiverr . What is Fiverr you might ask?  According to their website:
Fiverr® is the world’s largest marketplace for services. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig®. While $5 is a popular starting price for offers on Fiverr, tiered offers called Gig Packages are now available in a variety of categories and growing. Gig Packages allow sellers to offer additional services at a wider range of price points.
So, what does his mean for you? Well, if you are particularly talented at basically anything you can make some money for yourself by selling your services, or likewise, if you are in need of a service, chances are you will be able to get it done cheaper on Fiverr than elsewhere.  For example, I recently started a business and was seeking somebody to do the digital design for my company logo. Locally, I had contacted a few people and one person wanted $130 for 2 logo designs. Instead of doing this, I sought out the Logo Design section on Fiverr and was able to acquire an $80 package that includes 6 unique logos, social media banners, business card designs, and stationary designs. This allowed me to skim down (albeit little) on initial start-up costs for the business.  Fiverr is truly amazing. Even the process to begin setting up a gig is simple. It takes five minutes and you have the potential to begin making money.

Steps to Begin Making Money on Fiver:

  1. Create an account
  2. Create a gig (involves 6 steps - Overview of Gig, Pricing, Description, Requirements, and a Photo)
  3. Publish your gig to began selling your service 
  4. Promote your gig for additional business
The list for "gigs" is extensive just to name a few;
  • Graphics and Design (Logo Design, Illustrations, 3D and 2D Models, Etc)
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, Web Traffic, Content Marketing, Etc)
  • Writing and Translation (Proofreading, Editing, Research, Summaries,Etc)
  • The List is extensive with many more fields with a variety of subfields - Video and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Tech, Advertising, Business, Lifestyle, Gifts, and even a Fun and Bizarre section - This is topped off with an "Other" option to sell whatever service you desire that does not fall under one of these listings or their respective sub-categories.

Ways to Begin Making Money - Passive Income